Welcome to The British Maple!

I’ve thought long and hard about this first post, and indeed the entire purpose of The British Maple.

I have also assumed that every new blogger has the same apprehension.  With this in mind, I decided to take the plunge and bank on the kindness of my friends (who will, undoubtedly, be my only audience for quite some time!).

Now to the introductions…do I start with who I am or what I am?  I’m always quick to label my existence as a stay at home mum foremost, with any other titles, characteristics or attributes flagging behind in importance.

Instead, let me fire off a few cheeky little factoids so you can surmise  for yourself who (or what) I am!

  • I am a British gal living Toronto (hence the blog name!)
  • Mr. British Maple and I moved here in November 2011, a month after our wedding
  • I enjoy all things crafty but am a master at nothing in particular (a common theme you will notice as this blog grows, I’m sure)
  • I spent many happy years working in Corporate Social Responsibility BC (Before Children)
  • I am now a stay at home mum (already established that, sorry!) to two rambunctious boys – an almost three year old and a 15 month old
  • I love to cook but can never get my bolognese to taste the same twice, despite following the same recipe I’ve used for over 10 years
  • I’m a dreamer but am too scared to materialise my ambitions for fear of failing, wasting money or realising I am actually rubbish at whatever it is I think I can do!

So why start The British Maple? I have repeatedly found myself falling between two groups, sympathising with seemingly opposing opinions or generally feeling  my life is a little bit muddled.  After years of trying to ‘fit in’ and over-thinking EVERYTHING, I came to the conclusion that there must be others in the same boat.

So here is that boat! I am your captain, brimming with good intentions and not at all prepared for the choppy waters ahead!

I hope you enjoy reading The British Maple as much as I will enjoy writing it.  I am a self-confessed reassurance-seeker so I encourage you to share your thoughts and criticisms with me. In return, I will try my utmost to steer clear of indulgent diarising and keep this blog relevant.



13 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Eoin McNestry says:

    Hello British Maple,
    I’m Irish Rowan (also known as the Mountain Ash). an Irish fella living in Robin Hood country (England).
    I like the simplicity of your post but fully connect with being unable to recreate a dish via the same recipe over my lifetime (and I’m an adult lol)


  2. Tiffany says:

    Abi, you are as sweet as you are beautiful. Good for you for starting the blog. I look forward to reading it and perhaps we can coordinate a playdate sometime soon. Would love to see your boys!


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