Eavesdropping And coffee!

This is a totally impromptu posting so apologies for its rambling nature!  I am currently sat in my favourite coffee spot* which is usually a serene, calming place with the sounds of Yiruma** gently humming in the background. Today is no different apart from the obnoxiously opinionated couple sat right next to me!

They piqued my interest when he (let’s call him Bernard) compared his relationship to toothpaste!  She (let’s name her Moira) then shot him down with an unnecessary profanity and I was hooked!

I’ll keep it brief but I joined the exchange at this exciting point!

Bernard: I’m not sure we are compatible really…I mean, she squeezes her toothpaste from the middle and I like to roll it.  I’m not sure this is going to work out in the long run.
Moira: F***ing toothpaste?! I’m talking about TV or no TV on Shabbat! For f*** sake Bernard, just buy two tubes of toothpaste!

They wittered on for another 10 minutes about “being guided by fear” and “feeling a disconnect” before going their separate ways back to (I can only assume) the uncouth toothpaste squeezer and Shabbat TV advocate.

Drinking a British Maple!

Drinking a British Maple!

My snoozing coffee companion

My snoozing coffee companion

Anyway, this segues me nicely into one of my (many) guilty pleasures which is people-watching, particularly in coffee shops.

Don’t you find that people are their truest self when enjoying a coffee solo? I feel almost like an intruder when I see them staring out of a window or snoozing or idly playing with their purse (the above example is an exception to this because the whole coffee shop was hanging on their every word!)

I usually make a point of switching off technology and actually enjoying the brief interlude from my chaotic reality. Be it a coffee break, hot shower or just popping some music on and listening to it rather than hearing it in the background…I think it’s something we should all try and do each day.

*   Himalayan Java House –  2552 Yonge Street, Toronto
** Yiruma is a South Korean pianist – I walked down the aisle to It’s Your Day


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