Colouring Books And Bandwagons

Last week was a chaotic mix of fun, fisticuffs and just enough wine to keep me sane! Mr. British Maple and I managed to enjoy a cheeky date night and I jumped on the latest bandwagon of big people’s colouring books.

I try to avoid bandwagons, but at some point their pull is just too strong  (I tend to catch the tail end and cling on to the latest ‘coolness’ for as long as is socially acceptable).

And so the purchase was made (including the overpriced ‘adult’ colouring pencils) and I embarked on creating some meditative masterpieces. I chose my first page, sharpened up and coloured for a grand total of three and a half minutes before carnage arrived in the shape of two screaming toddlers.  Thomas the Tank Engine had failed me yet again – with his smug face and quite frankly petulant attitude which the Lord seems to hero-worship.

Suffice to say I am already a tad bored of having to sharpen pencils, the length of time it takes to actually achieve anything and the pretty abysmal results (turns out I’m not a budding artist – gutted!)

This latest trend got me thinking about other bandwagons I’ve come across in recent (and not-so-recent) years:

The Quiff

The biggest legacy from the 50s, a quiff enjoyed pride of place atop my head for many years.  I was never brave enough to go full-on Scouse-hive* quiff but it was still a staple style in my coiffure arsenal.

Ugg Boots

Fortunately the world’s penchant for wearing Aussie slippers as outdoor footwear has not, nor ever will, infiltrate my wardrobe.  I draw particular attention to FUggs (Fake Uggs) worn by girls with skinny jeans during inclement weather causing attractive watermarks and presumably, soggy socks.  Don’t even get me started on MUggs (Man Uggs)!


This curly, green powerhouse has clogged up my Pinterest feed for a couple of years now. It has yet to become a regular feature on my menu but I have mastered the kale chip…yum!


Not so much a bandwagon but more an alternative way of life! I got into it out of necessity when the General was born and quickly discovered a hidden world of fellow wearers.  There’s no thrill like it when you see another wrapper sporting a Pfau or limited edition Kinderpack (akin to wizards spotting each other in the Muggle world!)

Statement Manicures

I am always one step behind when it comes to the latest fashion trend. Recently, I became victim to the pity smile from my non-mama friends when I asked for a different colour on just one nail…apparently now you contrast the thumb too!

I’d love to hear which bandwagons you’ve jumped on or ignored – let me know!


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