And So Begins A Screen-free Week!

In a desperate attempt to curtail the Lord’s persistent night terrors I am embarking on a week of no TV, no iPad and no phones.  We don’t watch a huge amount of TV but Netflix is most certainly the curse of the modern day family with favourite programmes readily available to binge on demand.

Gone are the days when you’d get home and wait patiently for Fun House to start, or you’d sneak a bit of Saved By The Bell before your mates called for you on the way to school. Instead, I am bombarded with requests for Paw Patrol, Thomas, Peppa, Lego City…the list goes on.  I wouldn’t mind if it was just one episode but the abundance of children’s TV channels and automatic streaming on Netflix mean there is no end in sight!

To top it all off, every mama blogger I have the pleasure of following has been talking about the recent study regarding how much time our kids spend outside.  A shocking 3/4 of children in the UK spend less time outdoors than an average prisoner.  This is a upsettingly scary statistic and has triggered me to be much more mindful of how we spend our time.  As city-living condo-dwellers we don’t have the luxury of a garden so it can be a chore to bundle up and get out but as a stay at home mum THIS IS MY JOB!  Today, I am stepping up and stepping out!

Stay tuned to see how our week goes!


3 thoughts on “And So Begins A Screen-free Week!

  1. Rebecca says:

    Good luck! My Emily suffered with night terrors. I had no idea what they were until the behavioural specialist told me…her advice was to make sure she couldn’t hurt herself and step back as she was asleep so could not interact with us anyway. It’s painful to watch, and listen to but she was totally unaware and never remembered them. Eventually she grew out of them; by about 3 1/2 years. Good luck with screen ban. We have imposed an iPad curfew, quite often they just need to be encouraged to go and play and off they go. Have a good week. Rebecca x


    • thebritishmaple says:

      Thanks Rebecca. My guy has just turned three and has had then infrequently for a while. I am trying to limit his overstimulation because his imagination runs wild! Let’s see how it goes!


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