A Day Out In The Gardens

Today was a rare Solo Saturday for me as Mr. British Maple has dusted off his golf sticks and trotted off to shoot some holes with his crew.

Having been cooped up all winter, I am determined to get outside whenever possible (and also to treat my teacup humans better than the average prisoner!) So the five of us (including Broom Cat and Giraffe) packed up a picnic and headed off to Allan Gardens in Toronto.  

It was an ambitious trek, given there’s no elevator at the nearest subway station (College), but we arrived unscathed (we had to dodge a couple of drunks but hey ho!)

And what a place!  The Victorian-style palm house is impressive from the outside and reminds me of my beloved Sefton Park Palm House in Liverpool, UK, but what’s inside is even more beautiful.

In the glorious sunshine, the vast array of flowers, plants and water features were highlighted to maximum effect.


Spot the albino frog!

Both the boys were enthralled by everything, particularly the cacti and the the fish pond.

We got there just after opening (10am) so we had the place to ourselves for a few minutes, giving the tinkers time to dawdle around without getting in anybody’s way.


Giraffe and Broom Cat were lovingly dragged through every puddle.

It was great that staff and volunteers are welcoming of young visitors, particularly when curious hands reach out to feel the plants.  We have a strict rule about not picking leaves and flowers so both of the boys know to use ‘gentle hands’ on living things.

After a good hour walking round the greenhouses it was time to crack open the picnic.  We managed a couple of apples slices and a (still frozen) homemade cookie before the temptation of the amazing playground right next-door took over.


The rubber flooring saved the General’s front teeth on more than one occasion today!

Exhausted and hungry for more than cheese cubes and crackers, it was time for Funtime Mummy to play the Mc D card on the way home.

All in all, a cracking day out!!

Allan Gardens, 19 Horticultural Avenue, Toronto. (416) 392-7288


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