Screw You 4am…An Update!

It’s been a couple of weeks since you peeps heard from me and with good reason!  Aside from having my four wisdom teeth pulled (ouchie), Mr. British Maple has been suffering from Man Flu – a fate worse than any tooth extraction.

Enough of our physical woe, though.  I thought it was time to provide a little update on my last post (I apologise for the choice language, by the way – lack of sleep makes me cranky, to say the least).

As soon as I hit ‘publish’ I began to regret my bold, gung-ho attitude and felt incredibly tired at the thought of extending my days by a whole hour.  As predicted, I thought the first few days were going to be the end of me!  No longer could I pretend to myself that the boys needed an early night (read that as ‘Mama needs an early wine’).

20160516_150004Let’s cut to the chase (my need for wine isn’t the principle protagonist in this story).  The first night was, as I said, tough.  Thankfully the local community centre came to our rescue with twilight opening hours and a new, swanky train table.  It kept them both from the brink of a meltdown until 7:30pm and after a quick bath, story and cuddles they hit the sack.

Skip past a couple of wake ups until 5:45am when the Lord surfaced for the day.  Not perfect but certainly an improvement.

Over the next couple of weeks the Lord began to wake up later and later.  We had a couple of set backs, as expected, but all in all it was a complete success!  In fact, this morning was a huge milestone in the British Maple household – the Lord slept until 7:10am!!!! Our first post-7am wake up EVER!

I have to admit, I am quite enjoying our extra hour of daytime.  We’ve made new friends in the park, spent more quality playtime with Daddy and managed to eat dinner together as a family (the boys eat dessert while we chow down but it’s as near as we’re gonna get in the week!)



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