Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination.

Wednesdays are my second favourite day of the week because the Lord is safely out of the way at daycare (Fridays are my favourite day of all because they’re both in daycare – does that make me a bad mummy?!)

Anyway, on this, my second favourite day, I took the General to the park and for once, he was pretty content to play with other children without my involvement. This gave me some much-needed time to sit and reflect.  I resisted the urge to get out my phone to catch up on the three texts I’d still not replied to and just watched. 

I was in awe at the sheer enjoyment he got from such little things.  He filled a cup with wood chips, went into the playhouse and tipped them out, each time shutting the door behind him. Soon, another little boy wanted in on this riveting action and joined him.  They took it in turns to open the door, smiled at each other through the window and chattered away in some unintelligible toddler dialect.  They got bored after 15 minutes and moved on to the swings.

20160601BMB Rory playing

The whole point of my yawn-worthy ramblings is to ask yourself when was the last time you took pleasure from just doing something? Not with the end result or the reward for doing it but just the mere act of DOING something?

I can’t remember the last time, which is pretty disappointing, to be honest.  This seems to be just one of the symptoms of the pace of my life (and I’m sure most other people’s too!).  I appear to have created a life that is too fast for me (ironic, given that it takes me an hour to leave the house and two hours to drink a coffee).

I used to go out for walks without a destination or make something purposeless just because it was pretty.  I know that kids zap your time more than Facebook does, but surely there’s got to be a little bit of room for more?

With our big move looming, now is not the time to start deleting elements of my life but when we finally plant our roots, I will make a concerted effort to take more time to just enjoy DOING something, anything!

**I’m zonked on drugs for a poorly throat infection right now…normal service will resume shortly!**


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