Killing It This Week

Forgive me for taking another little break from the leaving Tdot series (consider it time to get my emotions in check before the home straight!)

After a tough couple of months full of uncertainty and stress, this week (so far) is turning out to be pretty damn good for some fairly random reasons:

  1. Strawberries: We finally got around to visiting Brooks Farm in Mount Albert, ON and picked THE best strawberries I’ve ever eaten.  Topped off with a great day for the miniatures at the Barnyard Playland!
  2. Goodbye Jenny: Jenny the Jeep has been a longstanding member of the British Maple family but the time has come to say goodbye. Happily we have passed her onto a friend so she can stay in our extended family (and I now have some dosh to put towards a British Maple Mum Bus!)

    20160627_120720 (1)

    Jenny the Jeep – on to pastures new

  3. Post-Brexit Bucks: let us not debate the results again, but instead look at the lining of the cloud! For me, that lining comes in the form of a few extra pennies on the dollar to take home (let’s hope it’s worth it in the long run!)
  4. Sexy pots and cheese graters: I’ve been meaning to upgrade my cookware for years and today I finally bagged an absolute bargain! *Geek out alert* A 10 piece, 3-ply clad stainless steel set with lifetime guarantee for a fraction of the full retail price. And a swanky new cheese grater to boot!  Nonstick is dead, long live Stainless Steel!

    HEnckel pots (1)

    Shiny, shiny!

  5. Car to stroller success:  It’s a small victory but I felt very proud of myself for successfully transferring a sleeping General from the car to the stroller- get in!


    I like him best like this (not really!)

  6. Fat Head finds a hat: Apparently I have an abnormally large head and have been searching for a Fedora for two seasons now!  Just in time to keep the British drizzle out of my eyes I found one that actually fits!


    A rare selfie (taken with my back camera because my phone is smashed!)

  7. Sleep: These two adorable sleep thieves have taken a break from their criminal ways (temporarily, I’m sure) allowing us to catch up on some seriously-needed sleep!

    Sleep Theives

    Cheeky little sleep thieves

  8. Liverpool is let again: After our previous tenant bailed on his contract a month from the end, we have miraculously managed to get a new resident into our rental property the day after he leaves.  Finally, after five years of shit service, the letting agency has delivered (they haven’t actually moved in yet so it could all still go south!)
  9. Snapchat: After initially dismissing this remarkable app as a play thing for friend-hungry, 14 year old girls, I have been converted (the oodles of wine and good company may or may not have influenced this opinion) I’m on as thebritishmaple BTW

    Snapchat Uglies

    Hilariously disturbing

All in all it’s a good week (and it’s only Thursday).  So as not to tempt fate there are some negatives to balance the equation:

  1. I’m still overweight and battling an addition to whipped cream and Nutella (sometimes together, sometimes separately)
  2. I am still sporting a splash of blue nail varnish I tried on in Shoppers Drug Mart four days ago


    I am all about the classy finishes

  3. I can’t get a stain out of my favourite top
  4. I haven’t found a pre-school place for the Lord when we move
  5. The packing boxes are still flat-packed in the cupboard
  6. I forgot to cancel our cable with 30 days notice (meh…I’ll just cancel our credit card!)
  7. I’ve reached the end of Bones on Netflix and will likely not see Season 11 in the UK
  8. I think I’ve pulled a muscle in my thigh

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