Mummy And The Sleep Thieves

A few weeks ago, Mr. British Maple sent me an article from the Huffington Post about why parents are more exhausted than you think they should be.  Obviously, having not slept for the past four years, it piqued my interest.

Upon reading it, I didn’t even reach the third paragraph before I was nodding like a bobbly head. The article talks about kidlets finally sleeping through the night. Agreed…but then we had another of the buggers so back to square one!  To set the sleep scene of our house, 6am wake up is the holy grail, a distant goal, the aim of our five-year plan.  If the Huffsters want to see parents who are tired, they should come and see us!

In an effort to more clearly demonstrate our plight, I have decided to write a *ahem* book. Spurred on by the recent triumph of The Unmumsy Mum and the raging success of Hurrah For Gin’s foray into the publishing world, here is my offering…in the only literary style I am capable of processing these days – enjoy!

NOTE: Let’s consider this an informal launch.  Should you want a photocopy of this masterpiece, please let me know and I’ll speak to Mr.BM my publisher about getting one to you!!!


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4 thoughts on “Mummy And The Sleep Thieves

  1. SARAH DIXON says:

    Absolutely love this book. I’d like to order a binded, published copy to read to my own personal sleep thieves. However they will likely see the images you’ve included in yours, get all excited and start bouncing around the room again spouting random words like “science center” and “I want to play Lego too”. On second thought scratch the order but amazing read and we miss you guys ridiculously!!!


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