10 Reasons Why: I’m #SorryNotSorry

Initially this was going to be a profound, thought-provoking piece of undiscovered, literary gold, exploring the emotional impact of making apologies for your child and their idiosyncrasies. And then I thought nah, let’s start with gin.

1. Gin (amongst other alcoholic based delights) means a lot to me. So much so, when I come to the end of a bottle, I pour my tonic into said empty bottle just to make sure I don’t waste any. #ginmonstersorrynotsorry

Step away from the simmering pot

2. I don’t like people stirring my food whilst I’m cooking because they might do it wrong. #backawayfrommyspagbolsorrynotsorry

3. I unashamedly go into Hotel Chocolat and ask a predetermined question, the answer to which I already know will leave me in a quandary, forcing me to exit the shop without purchasing anything but still having enjoyed a sample truffle.

4. I went back to work after stay at home mumming for five and a half years and am still excited when an adult wants to talk to me!

5. How Animals Eat Their Food is the funniest thing on the Internet and I will not hear otherwise. 


How animals eat their food

“Dude, wanna see how animals eat their food?”

6. I have a steadily growing collection of Gü glass pudding pots (because they feel too good to recycle). The main use of said pots is to warm up precisely the right amount of milk for my coffee. I  am always confused when people look strangely at me for filling ramekins with milk. #aramekinofmilkinmycoffeesorrynotsorry


What do you mean you don’t have milk in a ramekin?

7. My love of pyjamas is verging on unhealthy, to the point where my in-laws have flatly refused to buy them for me anymore…they have been my Christmas request for the past ten years. #pyjamaramadingdongsorrynotsorry

8. When my kids are asleep, I creep into their room and put my face as close as I can to theirs without waking them. I’m not entirely sure why I do this; but I am well aware how creepy it is. #onlyaparentcangetawaywithitsorrynotsorry


They have no idea I’m watching…

9. I am a serial re-watcher. I am far happier watching something I’ve seen before than anxiously awaiting the outcome of a new show. As I get older, my propensity for surprise (good or bad) is waning. There are a few exceptions (can’t think of any right now, but I’ll get back to you!) #rebingeismathingsorrynotsorry

10. I get really freaked out when people stand on the wrong side of my kitchen island. Consider my kitchen like your boss’s office…if you wouldn’t get comfortable behind their desk, don’t get comfy on MY side of the island. #kitchenterritoryisrealsorrynotsorry

Well that ended up revealing I little too much about my *ahem* quirky side; but for most of you this will merely confirm what you already suspected about me!

Here’s hoping 2019 affords me more time to regale you with scintillating prose including  the much anticipated house-y stuff I’ve been promising for an age!



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