Coffee...just what the doctor ordered

It’s Good To Talk

A few days ago I had coffee with a good friend. She’s a relatively new friend and someone who I see frequently but never on a one to one. She’s bright, engaging, confident and fun to be around so I was truly looking forward to sitting across a table from her.

If I’m being honest, I was selfishly anticipating taking much more away from the date than she would. I was hoping to tap into her experience and wisdom to help me make some decisions about my own life once both kids are safely ensconced in the school system. Continue reading


The MERLOT Party

As promised in my last post, today we take a look at our second alternative political party – the Mums Estranged from Real Life Outside Toddlerdom party.

Contrary to its name, the MERLOT party includes and represents the views of dads, guardians and the odd teacher or ten too. Their main aim is to assist in the rebalance of power in the homes of all toddler keepers.

Today, I interview myself (the friends list is still pretty short) to see what improvements the MERLOT party could bring to the UK. Continue reading

Be Right Back

With the chaos of Christmas behind us and the grey, lull of January already in full flow it is sometimes hard to see our goals. I usually enter January with an optimistic bounce, hopeful I WILL achieve whatever chuff I’ve decided is important this year.

This year is an exception, though. I am so utterly exhausted I cannot even see where the weekend is, let alone Spring! Last year, my sole intention was to calm down and, as with every other year, I have epically failed yet again! Yes, I have reduced my shouting because I now practice the art of Public Parenting (on the blog soon!) but ever other element of my life has not seen a stitch of calmness! Continue reading

My First Guest Post: How To Have An Affair…

A few weeks ago, I had the honour of tainting someone else’s blog with my ramblings. The wonderful Cheltenham Maman published my first ever guest post and here it is in case you missed it (and also because it’s been a busy month with very little blog loving from me!)

How to have an affair…with yourself!

I am not a very good liar, let’s be clear on that from the outset.  If you’re reading this for tips on how to have an actual affair then I think you will be disappointed! If, however you want to know it’s okay to leave your family for a night and take a well earned break from this shitshow we call parenting then please read on!

I am incredibly old-fashioned in my approach to parenting. Both Mr. British Maple and I firmly believe that these miniature humans are solely our responsibility and that any help offered should be kindly accepted but never expected. To this end, we have had very little time to ourselves (and even less time together by ourselves but let’s save that story for another day!) We’ve been back in the UK for a few months now and the legendary Mr. British Maple suggested I have a break and visit some of my old friends up North (I know I’ve bagged a good’un and am totally punching above my weight!!) Continue reading

Home Sweet Home: It’s All About The Money, Money, Money

Welcome to the first official The British Maple: Home Sweet Home series post!

Before we get to all the exciting progress pictures, paint charts and Mr. BM vs Mrs. BM arguments about countertops (I know that’s what you’re all interested in!) let’s talk about money.

This will be our third ‘home set up from scratch’ so I feel like I am now at the intermediate level of homemaker (quite literally!) Having said that, the majority of my financial wizardry (more Worst Witch than Hermione Granger) is relevant to any situation. Continue reading

The Rout(ine) To Success

We’ve been living with the in-laws for about six weeks now and it has been a surprisingly easy transition.  I had images of me skulking off to scream into a pillow or hide a quivering lip (crying is my go-to in times of stress!) Alas, there has been no screaming or crying (apart from when Hook died in Once Upon A Time – I bawled like a toddler with a broken breadstick). Continue reading

The British Maple Leaves Tdot: Telling The Tots

Moving is a shed-load of work at the best of times, but you should try doing it with a pre-terrible two-er and a threenager in tow.

The Lord is (and always has been) far too alert and perceptive for his age. I’m not boasting when I say this, if anything it is mightily frustrating for him (and us) because he doesn’t yet know how to deal with these ‘big feelings’.  I’ve learnt the hard way that we can’t hide anything from our darling threenager, so we decided to talk to the Lord very early on about the move. Continue reading

British Maple Leaves Tdot Series

It almost hurts to write this post but here goes…we will be leaving Canada in July this year.    We have enjoyed the best part of five, happy years in Toronto.  Our miniature humans are Canadian and we have made some amazing friends too.

To help process this massive change, I will be embarking on the British Maple Leaves Tdot series.  I hope to cover every aspect of such a big move – picking packers, talking to toddlers, drinking copious amounts of wine, saying goodbye, you name it!

Watch this space for the first instalment next week.