Screw you, 4am…and other choice phrases

Once upon a time there was a girl who met a guy.

They fell in love, bought a house, got married, moved to Canada, had a baby and never slept again…The End?! Well, we can’t actually see the end but every single, cosmo-foresaken night we hope to the ends of the Earth that tonight will be the night that they finally both sleep.

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A Week In Toronto…With Toddlers!

When we first moved to Toronto almost four and a half years ago, we didn’t even know where to shop let alone where to entertain mini humans (admittedly this wasn’t quite on our radar at that time!)

Then the Lord arrived and we continued our trudge up and down Yonge Street, enjoying lunch pretty much whenever we fancied it.  As any parent of a toddler knows this peaceful yummy-mummy phase is short-lived (my goodness, I’d make so much more of this time if I could be a first time mum again!)

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