When you forget to take photos, just fake 'em in the airport!

Mums On Tour – Washington D.C

A couple of weekends ago was a momentous occasion for me…my first time away without the miniatures.  My partner in crime for the weekend was Margo.  In the words of Christina Yang, Margo is my (Canadian) person:

If I murdered someone, she's the person I'd call to help me drag the corpse across the living room floor. She's my person.

Image credit: Google Images

In typical, ‘mums on tour’ style, Margo and I arrived at the airport with three hours to spare.  We ate, drank and consumed way too much chocolate (no small person screaming like a banshee to share it!)

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A Day Out In The Gardens

Today was a rare Solo Saturday for me as Mr. British Maple has dusted off his golf sticks and trotted off to shoot some holes with his crew.

Having been cooped up all winter, I am determined to get outside whenever possible (and also to treat my teacup humans better than the average prisoner!) So the five of us (including Broom Cat and Giraffe) packed up a picnic and headed off to Allan Gardens in Toronto.   Continue reading

A Week In Toronto…With Toddlers!

When we first moved to Toronto almost four and a half years ago, we didn’t even know where to shop let alone where to entertain mini humans (admittedly this wasn’t quite on our radar at that time!)

Then the Lord arrived and we continued our trudge up and down Yonge Street, enjoying lunch pretty much whenever we fancied it.  As any parent of a toddler knows this peaceful yummy-mummy phase is short-lived (my goodness, I’d make so much more of this time if I could be a first time mum again!)

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