Home Sweet Home Series: The Journey Begins

It’s taken far too long to publish this post and for that, I apologise. My entire existence during the last six months has been an intricate balancing act of keeping my kids alive, maintaining my sanity and trying to make our new house habitable as our new home.

77 days ago we exchanged on our new house and yet, we only moved in a couple of weeks ago; but I FINALLY have the space and and solitude (bwaaahahaha) to focus on something other than keeping the kids’ toys in check (this factor will inevitably play a role; but it will be MY house and if I decide that a cuppa takes priority then stuff it!!!) Continue reading

The British Maple: Home Sweet Home

It’s time for another series!!

Welcome to The British Maple: Home Sweet Home. After a lengthy and frustrating process, littered with incompetent solicitors, disappearing gas fires and a bit too much wine we have FINALLY exchanged on our first ever British Maple family home. Continue reading