Coffee...just what the doctor ordered

It’s Good To Talk

A few days ago I had coffee with a good friend. She’s a relatively new friend and someone who I see frequently but never on a one to one. She’s bright, engaging, confident and fun to be around so I was truly looking forward to sitting across a table from her.

If I’m being honest, I was selfishly anticipating taking much more away from the date than she would. I was hoping to tap into her experience and wisdom to help me make some decisions about my own life once both kids are safely ensconced in the school system. Continue reading

How to be friends with people without kids

How To Be Friends With People Without Kids

We’ve all seen the endless ‘how to’ articles, passively patronising childless young professionals about newborn gifts and scaring the shit out of sleep-deprived new mums with lists about how not to mess up your kid from day one.

Well let’s turn it on its head. This is The British Maple’s definitive guide on how to be friends with people WITHOUT kids. Continue reading