What A Difference A Month Makes…

You guys! I was completely overwhelmed by the response to my last post. And also more than a little baffled, which in itself spoke volumes! I had friends from years gone by texting me to see if I was ok, a local mama asking to meet for a coffee and mucho transatlantic love from my Tdot tribe.  Continue reading


Be Right Back

With the chaos of Christmas behind us and the grey, lull of January already in full flow it is sometimes hard to see our goals. I usually enter January with an optimistic bounce, hopeful I WILL achieve whatever chuff I’ve decided is important this year.

This year is an exception, though. I am so utterly exhausted I cannot even see where the weekend is, let alone Spring! Last year, my sole intention was to calm down and, as with every other year, I have epically failed yet again! Yes, I have reduced my shouting because I now practice the art of Public Parenting (on the blog soon!) but ever other element of my life has not seen a stitch of calmness! Continue reading