The British Maple: Home Sweet Home

It’s time for another series!!

Welcome to The British Maple: Home Sweet Home. After a lengthy and frustrating process, littered with incompetent solicitors, disappearing gas fires and a bit too much wine we have FINALLY exchanged on our first ever British Maple family home.


It’s almost ours!

Alongside my usual ramblings and yawn-worthy stories about poo and sub-standard parenting; I will endeavour to satiate those of you who spend too much time Pinning unachievable photos of ridiculously humongous kitchens for your imaginary homes whilst denying the fact that, in reality, the best you can do is wander around IKEA with a cheap hotdog and a bag of Daim bars.

We get our keys TOMORROW and there’s a lot of work to do before we move in; but it’s a huge step towards our own home (for which Nanny and Grandad British Maple are VERY grateful, given that we’ve trashed their house for the last four months!)

Keep your eyes peeled for the first instalment coming soon. It’ll likely be a boring one about finances, insurance and other such sleep-inducing crap that needs to be done before the fun stuff can begin!home-sweet-home-logo-square-1

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4 thoughts on “The British Maple: Home Sweet Home

  1. Jean Brown says:

    Congratulations! I love decor and renos and all of that, so I can’t wait to follow your move in! I have about roughly 8 bajillion home style pins on Pinterest if you need any inspiration…


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