Home Sweet Home Series: The Journey Begins

It’s taken far too long to publish this post and for that, I apologise. My entire existence during the last six months has been an intricate balancing act of keeping my kids alive, maintaining my sanity and trying to make our new house habitable as our new home.

77 days ago we exchanged on our new house and yet, we only moved in a couple of weeks ago; but I FINALLY have the space and and solitude (bwaaahahaha) to focus on something other than keeping the kids’ toys in check (this factor will inevitably play a role; but it will be MY house and if I decide that a cuppa takes priority then stuff it!!!)

So, a little later than planned, but here nonetheless, I give you [drum roll] the before pictures!

A little about our abode

It’s a traditional 1950s semi-detached. The old lady who lived there before was the original owner and was well into her nineties when she moved out. She obviously had a penchant for floral in the 70s because every room had some vom-worthy flower pattern adorning it.

The electrics were shocking (boom boom), the walls were an inch thicker, thanks to several layers of wallpaper and the kitchen consisted of just a sink unit and two wall cupboards.

Aside from all that, there was something quite sad about looking around the house, seeing her life still there but knowing no-one was living it. It’s almost voyeuristic, particularly when the neighbours’ curtains are twitching to see who their potential neighbours might be.


Three layers of floral later…

Grand plans

So far we have knocked out a couple of wardrobes and blocked up a doorway; but the exciting stuff will start this spring (hopefully).


Where once stood two wardrobes, now a huge alcove stands…

Stay tuned to see the transformations, starting with the Lord and General’s bedroom.



2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home Series: The Journey Begins

  1. Evelyn Veasey says:

    Home sweet home. When all the work is done you will revel in your first house/home as a family and realise that here starts the next new and exciting chapter of your life.


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